Revise your bike to ride better in winter

It is quite possible to cycle in winter however it is advisable to overhaul your bike in order to ride as well as possible. Indeed, in winter the weather conditions are more difficult between cold, rain or ice. Cyclists are lucky, in the Arcachon Basin it snows very rarely. Despite everything, it is important to remember to check the essential points of your bike to ride safely.

In winter the road is more complicated

In winter, the weather conditions imposed on cyclists make it difficult to ride a bicycle. In winter, night falls earlier, so it is advisable to equip yourself with lighting. Moreover, this is mandatory. Bicycles must have reflectors on the rear, side, front and on the pedals. In addition, when night falls or visibility becomes poor, bicycles must have two lights.

They should also have a forward sidelight with a yellow or white light and a rear sidelight which should be visible when the bicycle is in use. To complete this equipment, it is possible to wear reflective accessories such as a signal vest or reflective bands. In addition, in order to ride a bike better in this winter period, you have to take a look at certain strategic points and revise your bike.

Tips for overhauling your bike in order to optimize your trips

If winter conditions are not pleasant for every rider, it must also be said that bikes do not like the weather so much. And you have to know that a well-maintained bike is a bike that rides better, so in winter, we do a little check. First of all, it is important to check the tires on your bike. Indeed, worn tires offer poorer grip on the ground, especially when the latter is wet and cold. Regularly checking tire inflation also helps reduce the risk of punctures.

Then you have to take a look at the chain of the bike. Indeed, a chain that is too greasy will become dirty faster and therefore it will also be damaged more quickly. Therefore, the chain should be cleaned regularly with a dry cloth and added a little lubricant afterwards.

The following points are the brakes. In winter, when you overhaul your bike, you have to be careful. It must be said that the brake pads tend to wear out faster during this period. At the same time, it is necessary to check the condition of the cables.

Finally, the last point is to maintain the derailleurs. They should be cleaned with a dry cloth and lubricated like the chain.

Now that you’ve checked all of these points and everything looks good, you can ride with peace of mind!