Renting bikes rather than buying

Bike rental an alternative to buying. Buying a bike is still an investment, especially if you use it occasionally. Indeed for a mid-range bike you still need a few hundred euros and this budget can go up very quickly, especially if you want an electric bike. For a mid-range electric model, count all the same a little less than 1000 €. So if your budget can’t be stretched, why not consider renting?

A great choice for leisure and holidays

If you are out cycling for leisure or just on vacation and don’t want to spend money on buying a bike, there are simple and economical solutions. More and more democratized with the arrival of self-service bicycles in cities, the rental of bicycles on the rise. Cycling was also motivated by the Covid 19 health crisis. A real solution for getting around by reducing contact and getting a good breath of fresh air. Indeed, cycling is becoming the obvious alternative to transport. And to practice cycling we have good news, you no longer need to own one. You can simply rent a bike for a day, a weekend, during the holidays and more if you like. Bike rental for short periods meets all your desires on the Arcachon bay.

Indeed, you can choose the bike model that suits you and that suits the practice you want to do, a mountain bike for hikes, a tandem for an unusual couple ride, a mountain bike or an electric bike for trips in town. .

At DINGOVELOS we want to offer you this freedom of choice which also makes it possible to suit all budgets. Indeed for a day rental prices range from 13 to 65 €. When you go on vacation you no longer have to worry about carrying your bikes with you, with rental opt for simplicity. In fact, for a daily rental, the prices range from 13 to 65 €. When you go on vacation, you no longer need to bother carrying your bikes with you, with the rental opt for simplicity.

Focus on the electric bike

The bicycle rental is particularly interesting for electric bikes especially when your practice is not regular. Indeed, acquiring an electric bike is a real investment that not everyone can afford. There is an average of 1000 € for a mid-range electric bike, the rental allows you to enjoy high-end equipment over the desired period and at a lower cost. With rental, you also don’t have to worry about costly maintenance, especially when it comes to changing batteries. More and more unlike self-service by renting from a private rental company you have the assurance of a maintained and quality bike.

With often decreasing rates over long periods you can move serenely in the city. Indeed, the electric bicycle is particularly appreciated in cities for its practicality and also ecological. It is the best ally for going to work without worrying about traffic jams and parking spaces. Cities are indeed adapting to these new modes of travel and working their urbanization in this direction. The goal is to allow bicycles to take up more space in the centers. The tracks are designed for the safety of users and for better travel conditions.

Thanks to the bicycle rental you are free. You can benefit freely and by managing your budget of quality and revised bikes. You can adapt the choice of your bike according to the activity you want to do. For a walk with family or friends, in the forest or in the city, with the rental you can adapt.