Getting back on the bike at your own pace, a good resolution!

Getting back on the bike after several months or even years is not done in a snap. Of course, it’s easy to say that you never really forget how to ride a bike. However, the body quickly forgets the value of the effort! Cycling over long distances requires you to be in good shape, and to prepare beforehand, to avoid all the pain and muscle injuries. Before resuming the activity to return to the roads of the Basin, a few precautions and physical preparation are essential!

Getting back on the bike getting ready

Going to work by bike, taking your children to school, or just going for a walk leaving the car in the garage… These are all good resolutions to take at the start of the year. So in addition to being good for your health, they are also good for the environment. The Bassin d’Arcachon is a fragile ecosystem, and all efforts, even the smallest, have an impact on the health of this exceptional place.

Also, you took your bike out of the garage, and cleaned it. After checking the condition of the brakes, wheels, lights, you are already ready to get in the saddle for a ride! How long has it been since your last bike ride? Perhaps you have grown since the last time? Is the saddle height still correct? Improper posture can also lead to long-term tendon and muscle injuries.

To know if your saddle is high enough, you must be able to pedal with your leg slightly bent, not fully stretched when it is at the bottom of the pedal; in the high position, your knee should not be above your hips. By being well positioned, you limit the risk of hurting yourself… and giving up riding a bike for good.

Necessary physical preparation

Getting back in the saddle for 2 or 3 kilometers from time to time is not going to have many physical consequences. However, using the bike on a daily basis has an impact on the body, the muscles, and health. Resuming the bike requires reviving your body in the face of effort, especially at the start of the recovery.

Preparing your body starts with stretching before you leave. Stretching each muscle, in the legs, arms, back helps to avoid aches, tension, and gently wakes up the body. In addition to good hydration, the work of the muscles makes it easier to get back on the bike, and makes the effort itself easier. One to two hours before exercise, do not hesitate to eat fruit or a dairy product with fresh fruit to give your body energy.

Remember to take a bottle of water with you to keep you hydrated throughout the effort. The body dries up, but above all, drinking well prevents muscle cramps. Enough to chain outings without getting hurt. But the most important thing is above all to progress gradually, over longer and longer distances, regularly!