Bike safety for children and parents

If riding a bike is a real pleasure, safety is no small matter. For children, the bike ride is like a fun outing and a lot of fun, but there are still rules. As parents, you are well aware that there is a traffic code. And that it also applies to cyclists of all ages. So it is advisable to make children aware of the rules and behaviors to be adapted on the road.

Children’s cycling license to train children to ride a bike

In order to allow children to practice cycling in accordance with the rules and without danger, there is a cycling license for children. This permit is given by volunteers in schools and recreation centers who request it. It is aimed at children in the fifth grade. The aim is to allow the child to ensure his own safety. Indeed, the bicycle is a vehicle like any other which circulates on the road. So to ride safely, each person must check the condition of their bike and their equipment and must know and apply the rules for traveling both in town and outside town, night and day. For children, we remind you that the first obligation is to wear a helmet if they are under 12 years old.

Reminder of traffic rules in town and outside urban areas for bicycle safety

Then the rules differ depending on the situation and should apply to both children and parents. In town, depending on the signs, cycle paths may be compulsory or recommended. The round sign indicates an obligation and the square sign a recommendation.

Also, if the road is bordered by cycle paths, cyclists should take the path on the right side.

Traffic on sidewalks is also regulated. Only children under the age of eight can circulate there. However, they must drive at a reasonable speed and must not interfere with pedestrians.

In greenways, meeting areas or zones 30 bicycles can circulate freely unless otherwise indicated. It is also possible to move around in the meeting areas. However, it is necessary to respect a speed below 20km / h and respecting the priority of pedestrians. Finally in the pedestrian areas it is necessary to walk at walking pace.

Bicycles must also be parked in dedicated spaces or on the road.

Outside built-up areas other rules apply. The first thing to do is not to ride too close to the shoulder to avoid ruts and gravel that could cause a fall. When you are in a bend, you should keep to the right and tighten as much as possible as cars have poor visibility.

When you are with friends or family and there are more than 10 of you, you have to split the group in two. In addition, when you are driving, you have to drive two abreast or in single file. Single file is applied at night when a vehicle is going to overtake or the roadway is too narrow.