Bike rental: how to organize your holidays in Arcachon? 

Is bike rental a good idea to fully enjoy your holidays in Arcachon? After months spent working hard, and saving for a successful vacation, many have only one desire… To arrive, put down their suitcases, and have nothing more to do. The most organized prepare their entire stay in advance: travel, accommodation, booking activities on site… This allows you to come with peace of mind and to only have to enjoy without worrying!

Bike rental, the best mobility solution

Arriving in the Bassin, and particularly in Arcachon, a moment out of time to finally relax, breathe and enjoy the landscape. As a family, nothing better to rest and create beautiful memories. Having the luxury of not thinking about anything, of having everything reserved, allows you to be serene. But for your travels, have you planned anything? With the spring and summer climate to come, locking yourself in a car and suffering from traffic jams, the difficulties of parking at the slightest movement… What an idea! Think bike rental!

Bike rental makes it easy to move around Arcachon, and throughout the Basin, at your own pace. There are many circuits, multiple walks to discover to explore and see unique places, out of time. Flexibility is key: rent the bikes you need for the duration of your choice. This realization can be done online for those who are very organized, and who know precisely their dates of stay.

Once booked, your bike is waiting for you at the Store… All you have to do is wait to arrive on site and fully enjoy your stay with your bike! An ideal operation, adapted to those who are far away, and who want to arrive with peace of mind…

Which model is made for you?

Dingo Vélos offers a wide range of bikes for hire. This allows you to choose the ideal bike according to your desires, and the program of your outings. If you are with the family, why not book a bike with a follower? This allows you to take your young children with you. Enjoy great family outings!

For adventurers, who enjoy going out in the forest or on the sand, mountain biking is the most suitable solution. Revised between each rental, the mountain bikes offer you safety and stability for your bike rides.

Do you want to go out with your family, but without having to rent separate bikes for each? La Rosalie is your best ally! A four-wheeled bicycle, it is the most unusual and original bicycle rental. Indeed, it allows you to move with your family on pedestrian routes, especially by the sea. For a walk from the port of Arcachon to Moulleau, it is an ideal solution. Especially since you will never lose sight of your eyes for a single moment!