Arcachon in November, take the time to have fun

If the days have become significantly shorter and the temperature is dropping, Arcachon in November has many surprises in store for those who want to see them. Indeed, if autumn is well established and it will gradually give way to winter, there is no question of locking yourself in your home. The Arcachon Basin is also a magical place in autumn. It might even be the best time to grab the most beautiful corners of the region just for yourself. And at the same time, when it starts to get a little colder, what a pleasure to stop in the warm to taste local specialties. So between nature and gluttony in November, it is advisable to take the time to have fun.

Take to the air in Arcachon in November with a walk to the beach

Going to the beach isn’t just for summer. On the contrary, if in summer we appreciate the soft rays of the sun and the warmth of the water. In winter, the beach can also offer a pleasant face. Of course, swimsuits should be left in the closet. We then equip ourselves with down jackets and scarves to face the cold. The beaches of the Arcachon Basin in November have the distinction of being almost deserted. A few seagulls chuckle softly in the distance, but the beach belongs to those who dare to venture there.

So, for those in search of a good breath of fresh air, walks to the beach are the best way to recharge their batteries. Faced with the immensity of the horizon, walking along the resource water’s edge allows you to create a vacuum and the sea air invigorates. Whether on the beaches of the city center or on the beach of Pereire for example, time stands still. In addition, for those who would like to go further, other beaches exist. It is possible to reach the ocean beaches by bike thanks to the network ofcycle paths. Thus, beyond doing good for the mind, the walk will also do good for the body. So here is a great idea for a weekend stroll whether you are alone, with family or friends.

Taste local specialties to regain strength

After having made a nice walk on the beach, you will undoubtedly want to warm up. There is nothing better than a hot drink and local specialties. Thus the city of Arcachon has many cafes and restaurants to enjoy a gourmet break during afternoon tea. No more ice creams on the seafront, make way for delicious hot chocolates accompanied by cannelés or dunes. These are two sweet specialties from the region that we cannot resist. This atmosphere makes you want to visit the famous Christmas market and its gourmet chalets which will take place from December 14 to January 5. So while waiting for the holidays, take advantage of the time to appropriate the Arcachon Basin and to have fun.

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